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Electrical Works

Electrical Works

As PUVA CONSTRUCTION Company, we implement all electrical installations in all kinds of facilities in the light of the latest technological developments, on the basis of employer satisfaction, especially within the principles of occupational safety and environmental awareness, with our talented, experienced and professional staff with both experience and result-oriented perspective. . The systems we implement are as follows.

• Medium and High Voltage Systems

o Obtaining Energy Permit
o Designing MV and HV Systems
o Approval, Follow-up and Certification Procedures
o Underground and Above Ground Cabling and Tranning Services
o Transformer, Og Cells Layout and Assembly
o Energy Center Solutions

• High Current Installations

o Busbar System
o Power Panels and Secondary Distribution Panels
o Lighting System Design and Installation
o Emergency Lighting System
o Basic Grounding
o General Field Grounding
o Operation and Protection Grounding
o Faraday Cage System
o Active Lightning Rod System

• Weak Current Systems

o Fire Detection and Warning System
o Voice Alarm, Music and Public Address System
o Security and Card Access Systems
o IP and Analog CCTV System
o SMATV and IPTV Systems
o Burglar Alarm System
o Turnstile and Barrier Systems
o Lighting Automation Systems (KNX, DALI etc.)
o Energy monitoring and Billing System
o Central Clock System
o Hospital Call System
o Queue System
o Network-Data System
o IP/Analog Phone System
o Instrumentation Applications