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Agricultural Facility Projects

Agricultural irrigation systems

The complex global situation we experience in late 2021 will put the agricultural world in a challenging scenario in 2022 as well, due to the combined effects of the global pandemic, a severe supply chain disruption and rising energy costs. Now, more than ever, we want to stand by our customers, offering them equivalent solutions to mitigate the impact of such crises.
Agricultural irrigation systems, drip irrigation systems, landscaping (recreation) irrigation systems manufacturing and assembly, compact construction machinery manufacturing, manufacturing and assembly. The main activities of Puva are the installation of greenhouses.
It offers modern greenhouse installations, greenhouse heating and cooling systems, greenhouse screening and shading, fertilization and irrigation services to revitalize your greenhouses. Our company, which has been developing itself for more than 5 years and offering successful projects to many happy customers; modern greenhouse, greenhouse systems, soilless agricultural practices and material supply.